Getting Started

Recipe Creation

Draft templates for the perfect image creation through our Recipe manager. Recipes provide control, security , and repeatability for Golden Image creation by allowing SSH protection, package validation, version control, and shell script uploading. Design your recipes on the "recipes" tab.

Baking Process

Once the perfect Recipe is created, select bake within the Recipe table. Starting the baking process initializes the package validator, calls the cloud provider API, and begins image creation within the designated cloud provider. If the images is unsuccessful in building, the user will receive an email stating a failed build.

Accessing Images

Bytes Bakery utilizes GCP for image creation. Depending on the subscription tier, the user will be given an option to designate the GCP Project ID (Free tier will default to Bytes-Bakery-Public). To access the created image, navigate to the GCP project folder in which it was created.

Updated 17 Sep 2019
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