Recipes are the most critical component of Bytes Bakery, they determine how and what your image get's baked with; from the name all the way down to shell scripts you will want to run.

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Image Name:

Non-Unique user friendly name that is used to generate. This name carries through to the baked image and is appended with the UTC timestamp at the time of baking. When viewing baked images in your project look for example-image-07-17-2019-12-42-12-145069.

GCP Project ID:

The Project-ID of your GCP (Google Cloud Platform) project. Pushing baked images to your project requires IAM permissions to be configured (see required permissions). This field is disabled for the free tier and defaults to bytes-bakery-public if left blank.

Recipe Description:

Brief description of the contents of your recipe.

SSH Compiance Monitoring:

An Open-Source script by BigCo. SmallCo. that will automatically label your VM instances upon SSH login.

Shell Script Upload:

Shell script to be ran during the image building process. Here is where you will find additional instruction on our default entrypoint.

Base Image:

Bases images are pulled directly from GCP at the time of creation. We pull the images into our system to maintain a proper versioning of your recipes with exact base image versions anytime you update your recipe. Currently we only support Ubuntu family images, you can refer to the full list of images here which we aim to support in the near future.


List the packages you'd like to install here seperated by a comma, they will be installed in order before the your uploaded script is ran. Alternatively you can include your package installations in your shell script.

Updated 07 Oct 2019
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